Grow your business

Through objectivity and observation we study you and your business in the ways that really matter; ways that can make a difference. We discover the essence of your company; the things that make you, you: the culture, philosophy, people, technology, and the atmosphere and space in which you compete.

Over time we have developed insights into people, customers and the people who work in and run businesses. We have acquired an understanding of what to do with this information to create the opportunities that can make your business flourish.

It costs you nothing to find out if 8 Gigabytes is the solution you’re looking for. Take that first step and contact us.

Some of the things we do for our clients

Marketing Channel integration
Marketing Channel conversion
Build or expand the client’s marketing department
Assist in finding a suitable advertising agency or media buyer
Eliminate the need for an ad agency or media buyer by training or acquiring, for the client, in-house resources
Evaluate candidates for marketing positions
Create Brand or Company Identity
Create and implement an integrated Internet marketing strategy and presence
Mentor the client in Creating and executing marketing campaigns using direct mail, space ads, public relations, the Internet, and broadcast

How we do it

Every business is different, and 8 gigabytes is not the right solution for everyone. Before we can determine if we can help you, we need to understand some things about your company and your market(s).

This is how it works. We provide you with a signed Non-Disclosure agreement and extensive questionnaire we refer to as “the document.” You return the completed document which we evaluate. At the same time we begin preliminary research to determine if we think we can provide a viable solution to your particular set of circumstances. If we determine that 8 Gigabytes can be of service we will provide a preliminary proposal, cost estimate and timeline for completion. There is no charge for this. We don’t take on clients that we feel we can't help in a significant way or those with whom a relationship would produce conflict of interest issues.

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